Your wedding ceremony can be as modern or as traditional as you wish. Michael will make sure the ceremony is exactly what you want.

One thing to remember - Michael is a Christian minister, so there must be at least a passing reference to a 'divine being' in the service (eg a blessing of the rings). Michael is otherwise extremely flexible in all areas of a wedding ceremony.

Michael will NOT perform a 'civil ceremony' (ie no mention of a divinity) and he is NOT permitted to perform the service known as Holy Union (ie same-sex marriage). Regardless, Michael is as open-minded and as friendly a minister as you will ever hope to meet, and when you contact him about your situation, he will try to be as helpful as possible.  

Michael DOES perform inter-faith and multi-cultural ceremonies and has experience working with Roman Catholics, Orthodox Catholics (crowns, handfasting, rings 3X), Protestants, Canadian and Christian Reformed, Christian Science, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, agnosticism, Filipinos (cord, veil, arras, candles), Newfoundlanders, and "Friends of Bill W"!

 Your many options include:

  • Multi-faith and non-denominational spiritual ceremonies
  • Handfasting, Unity Candle/Sand Ceremony, etc
  • Roman Catholic weddings a specialty (with or without Mass) (traditional or modern)
  • Location of your choice
  • Morning, afternoon or evening Weddings
  • Renew your Vows
  • 1st, 2nd or other marriage OK
  • Available virtually 365 days a year unless otherwise booked
  • Fees include consultations but not the Marriage Licence

Michael was once called upon by the Bishop of Toronto to replace a Roman Catholic priest who was unable to perform a Roman Catholic Rite of Marriage (without Mass) at an Toronto parish.

He has also performed weddings between individuals who were of "mixed" religious beliefs, including Jewish/Orthodox Christian, Muslim/Catholic, Sikh/Muslim, Filipino Catholic, Christian/Buddhist, Hindu/Christian, Catholic/Protestant/Agnostic/Reformed, Sikh/Christian and more.

Many of the couples married by Michael do not attend any church, but still wish to have a spiritual element in their wedding. Others want a full Roman Catholic service with Mass. Michael can assist just about everyone so that they can have the wedding ceremony they wish.

He has also performed weddings involving languages other than English, including French, Italian, Portuguese, Croatian, Russian, Hebrew, Cantonese and Japanese, and more. He is a great believer in showing respect to the cultures and beliefs of those who have gone before us.

Whatever your religious or cultural situation, call Michael to discuss a solution.

About NON-Denominational Weddings:

Quite often Michael is asked to perform a NON-DENOMINATIONAL service, when in fact the couple actually means a CIVIL CEREMONY. Back in the "old days", there were just two types of weddings: one at city hall (that had absolutely no mention of God and was a cold and heartless experience), and one at a church.

If you got married at a church, the wedding ceremony HAD to be whatever that particular church 'denomination' said it had to be. So Catholics had a different service from Anglicans, who had a different service from Presbyterians, etc.etc. These days, you can get married just about anywhere you want, but if you get married in a church by the church's minister, you still usually have to use that church denomination's wedding service.

These days, a civil ceremony is still cold and heartless, but most city halls no longer do them anymore and you still have to get your own wedding officiant. No real minister would perform a civil ceremony precisely because it is cold and heartless with no mention of God.

A non-denominational service is a Spiritual service that can pretty well be whatever you want it to be. At the minimum there is at least a passing reference to a 'divine power' (eg God). Or, if you wish, it can be like a full Catholic service (and Michael has done those too, in or out of a Roman Catholic church). At the other end of the spectrum, it can be whatever you want it to be, as it is not prescribed by a 'church denomination'. Hence it is called non-denominational, but still contains a reference to 'God'.

Please - if you want No reference whatsoever to a 'divine power' or any divinity (eg God) in your wedding, Michael is NOT the person to call. There must be at least a small reference somewhere in the service, even if it is just a blessing over the rings, for Michael to perform your wedding ceremony.

If you want to get married in a church but do not attend a church regularly, talk to Michael. He knows of several churches willing to rent out their space for a few hours for your wedding.